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At DJN we take time to structure our whole approach to benefit you and your business. We deliver clear tailored advice to ensure you can retain your hard earned wealth.

Our aim is to help your minimise tax and paperwork, while providing great advice on how to grow your business. Our wealth of experience has made us one of the region’s top firms serving Wetherby and the surrounding area. Whether you want to simply drop your files off at our office, or require us to work onsite with you, our expert team will go above and beyond to fulfil your needs and more.


Working closely with you to make sure you minimise your tax payments...

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Helping your business grow and increase profitability.

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Business start-up

Bring us your business ideas and we can help make them become a reality.

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Why you should choose us

What makes us different is that we go further, and we dig deeper. Using our specialist skills and our proven commercial experience, we find innovative and effective ways to increase your profits and reduce the amount of tax you pay. We can make a direct and significant difference to your bottom line.

This is why every month more owners, directors and shareholders entrust us with their tax, accounting and business advisory needs.